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We design, manufacture and install a vast range of enclosures, booths, and offices for an array of industries and applications. Our enclosures can be complete standalone structures of up to 8.2 metres wide with no requirement for additional supports, thus making our enclosures ideal within existing facilities.


For increased movability booths up to 4 meters high can implement a movable raft, giving the booth significant benefits in relocation and installation time. 

Our booths can accommodate systems ranging from small test rooms to automated robotic welding processes. Each booth can come complete with electrics, heating, air conditioning, and fire rating to suit the needs of the application.

Supplied to a wide range of clients, we create purpose-built, tailored solutions to meet specific requirements. By working with clients to analyse process requirements, workspace and other aspects, we help provide turnkey designs.  

If you would like to find out more, please speak with our technical team for more assistance.  

For our full Enclosure Systems album please click here.

The Range

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  • ​ ​​Automated robotic welding cells with fume hood extraction. 

  • Sound acoustic enclosures with Rockwool.

  • Cleanroom environments.

  • Fire rooms for containing any potential fire outbreaks for up to 4 hours.   

  • Robotics and Automation Cells.

  • Automated Laser booths. 

  • Heavy Duty Security enclosures.

  • Interior offices. 

Compatible Products 

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THOR Safety offers a wide range of complete solutions for robotic and automated cells specially designed for manufacturing, automation and packaging industry. ​

  • Bespoke fabrications for project-specific components.  

  • Mezzanine flooring for a two-tier enclosure, ideal for adding/maximising space. 

  • Robot Bases/ Rafts for ease in move-ability and relocation. 

  • Fume Extraction Hoods/ Roofs. Including any ducting requirements.

  • Multiple Roller Door types for every application (Fire Rated, Clean Room, High Speed, Insulated...). 

  • Operator Access Doors & Sliding Doors. 

  • Gantry systems for overhead mounted robotic applications. 

Conforming to legislation 

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All THOR Products are designed to the latest safety legislation and come with a declaration of conformity to the Machinery Directive. 

Our guarding meets the following legislation:

  • BS EN ISO 14120:2015 - Safety of Machinery – Guards – General requirements for the design, construction and selection of fixed and movable guards.

  • BS EN ISO 12100:2010 - Safety of machinery - General principles for design. Risk assessment and risk reduction

  • BS EN ISO 13857:2008 Safety of machinery - Safety distances to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper and lower limbs.

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