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The Thor RolDor range of automatic roller doors are designed and manufactured from our UK facility consisting of 5 door types DOI - direct online, high-speed door (curtain), inverted roller door, fire door (Slatted), security door (slatted).

Each RolDor is tailored to our client's site requirements and is custom-made to exact specifications. They can be specified with a curtain for high speed or a single, double skin and insulated slat. Options include safety mechanisms, security levels, operation mechanisms, wind loading, viewing and finish. The ranges offer maximum widths of 10,000 mm.

Our roller doors are used in the Automation, Automotive, Construction, and food industries and are mainly used to protect operators from dangerous work areas, i.e. robot zones, welding zones.

Thor Safety provides CE compliant products, powder-coated finish to any colour and in-house UK-wide installation and repair service.

For further information or to discuss requirements please leave an enquiry or speak with our team on 0138 4476457

Flexible Curtain

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DOL (Direct Online) 

TYPE - Budget personnel protection door for internal safety applications. Stand-alone sheet steel frame with flexible curtain (suitable for welding applications) and direct-coupled, fixed speed drive motor.

NOTE: Correct safe distances between door curtain and moving machinery must be observed in accordance with BS EN ISO:…………..


  • Interzone - to close off personnel access between automated systems. i.e. maintenance access to a non-operating side of the cell.

  • Load/ Unload - personnel protection for component loading/unloading parts into automated cells by the system operator.

  • Pallet Load/Unload - personnel protection for component loading/unloading parts into automated cells by pallet/fork lift truck.


  • Max size: 4000 wide x 4000 high clear access. Note - add 320mm to width and xxxm to height for steel enclosure.

  • Curtain: Full-length plain curtain.

  • Drive motor: Bonfiglioli 0.75KW direct coupled to drive roll.

  • Max. operating speed (fixed):

  • Max. operating cycle:

  • Cycle rating:

  • Safe edge operator protection: Hard wired to junction box.

  • Positional switch: Telemecanique lever arm.

  • Safety switch: Telemecanique lever arm.


  • Open/close button control.

  • Open/close 2 hand button control.

  • Open/close indicator lamps.

  • Clear curtain viewing panel.

  • Weld grade curtain viewing panel.

  • Non-safety bump rubber to replace safe edge in non-operator areas.

  • Maintenance/ servicing package.


NOTE: For sizes/speeds above those stated please contact our technical department.

Smart Door 

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SMART DOOR (Inverter drive with control box) 


Manual operator/ unload station doors for automated cells with a 2-metre light curtain for safety against a travelling door at speeds.

It has a GFA safe drive motor which is fitted with an integrated safety brake to stop the door from falling in case of failure.

The inverter drive motor is fitted directly to the rotation shaft but has a soft start and slow stop function for smoother operations. 

This door comes with a TS971 programmable controller and has a wide range of functions.

It has built-in digital encoders for the exact position of the door curtain then we install an additional safety switch on the closed side of the door which the integrator must wire into the safety controls of the system.

signals can be sent to operate the doors open and closed positions or the control box features an up and down command interface.

Areas were typically used:

Load doors - personnel load doors for loading parts into load stations.

Pallet doors - protection on pallet load stations.

Inter-building areas such as environmental doors with wind bars.

Welding and Milling doors to protect operators.

Hard Panel Roller Doors

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Thor’s Rigid door is an aesthetically pleasing profile with a curved inner and outer face with an Ecotec foam core which minimises energy waste through the door slat and gives a level of sound reduction.

The complete door and slats can be supplied in a hard-wearing powder coated finish in any RAL colour to suit customer or corporate applications.

Using the same drive and controls as the SMART door (GFA safe drive) inverter motors benefit from low maintenance, built-in safety brakes and have been proven in millions of applications worldwide.

 Areas were typically used.

  • load doors - personnel load doors for loading parts into load stations.

  • pallet doors - protection on pallet load stations.

  • inter-building areas such as environmental doors.

  • Welding and Milling doors to protect operators.

  • factory entrance doors

  • CMM enclosure doors

  • Welding booth doors.