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Defender 6x6 Welding Frame Kit

Defender 6x6 Welding Frame Kit



Welding curtains, also known as welding screens, are specifically crafted to safeguard workers from potential hazards, including harmful UV rays emitted during welding that can swiftly result in conditions like arc-eye. The Defender 6X6 welding screen stands independently and can be easily set up and moved within minutes as required. This allows for convenient placement of the welding curtain wherever protection against welding flash and ignition is essential.


The industry standard size of curtain. Coming with eyelets on all 4 sides and available in red, clear or green, it also conforms to the



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  • Industrial welding screen designed to protect from welding flash and ignition
  • PVC curtain is 0.4mm thick
  • Frame is crafted from 22.5mm-diameter powder-coated stainless steel tubes
  • Curtain will be approximately 320mm from the floor
  • Curtain dimensions: 1580mm x 1415mm
  • Dimensions including frame: 1828mm x 1828mm
  • ISO25980 regulation for welding safety.


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