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PTO 02 Lathe Machine Guard

PTO 02 Lathe Machine Guard

  • Can be attached to the base from the front or the side

  • The PTO 02 protects the operator from contact with the upper part of the chuck and from coolant spray.

  •  Equipped with a steel and polycarbonate semicircular shield.

  •  Top quality polycarbonate build ensuring resistance to high impact and excellent visibility.

  • Adjustable for a close fit to the head stock.

  •  Complete with safety micro switch conforming to EN 1088. The micro switch will stop the machine from operating when the guard is in the open position.

  • Guards do not disrupt the operators workflow whilst maintaining maximum safety at all times.


Part No.Guard DepthGuard WidthGuard Height
PTO 02/300 300 200 200 
PTO 02/400 400 220 250 
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