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Light to Medium Centre Lathe Traversing Guard

Light to Medium Centre Lathe Traversing Guard

  • Machine Type - Light to Medium Centre Lathes

  • Method of attachment - Secures to Lathe Saddle

  • Manually adjusted to cover work area

  • Construction - Mild Steel and 4 mm Polycarbonate Visors SL6

  • Construction - SL12 & SL18 - Mild Steel, P.V.C. skirt, Nylon Pivot Bushes and 4mm Polycarbonate Visors

  • Operation - Traverses with Saddle Hinges to allow access to Chuck and work area

  • Should be used in conjunction with Static Chuck Guard


Part No.Model No.Spare Visors (Set)Max Chuck DiaRod Length ARod Length B
100011 SL6 150mm 335mm 510mm 
100007 SL12 300mm 335mm 510mm 
100009 SL18 450mm 335mm 510mm 
100012 SL6 
100008 SL12 
100010 SL18 
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