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Light to Medium Centre Lathe Chuck Guard

Light to Medium Centre Lathe Chuck Guard

  • Machine Type - Light to Medium Centre Lathes

  • Method of attachment - Secures to Face or Top of Lathe Headstock

  • Manually adjusted to cover work area. Interlocked

  • Construction L6 - Mild Steel and 4 mm Polycarbonate Visors

  • Construction L12 & L18 - Mild Steel, P.V.C. skirt, 6.6 Nylon Pivot Bushes and 4mm Polycarbonate Visors

  • Operation - Hinges to allow access to Chuck and work area

  • Interlock Switching available - See Interlock Information >>>


Part No.Model No.Spare Visors (Set)Max Chuck DiaWidthTOP LengthSIDE Length
100001 L6 150mm 175mm 175mm 175mm 
100003 L12 300mm 215mm 260mm 232mm 
100005 L18 450mm 265mm 350mm 350mm 
100002 L6 
100004 L12 
100006 L18 
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