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Fume Eliminator FE860 110v UK

Fume Eliminator FE860 110v UK


Portable source capture for on-torch extraction

The Fume Eliminator 860 is designed to be carried to the working area. Although it can be used with a nozzle, it is specifically developed for on-torch applications - connected directly to the welding torch, it extracts the fume directly at the source. The FE 860 has a knob to set the desired suction level, an automatic start/stop function, which starts the unit as soon as the welding begins and significantly improved motor performance (versus the FE840/841).
The FE 860 is suitable for extraction of fume in maintenance welding applications and is compliant with ISO 21904 (W3).

  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Automatically maintains the set extraction flow - ideal for on-torch applications
  • Warnings at malfunction and when the filter is 85% and 100% full
  • High efficiency Nanofiber filter protecting the user from submicron particles. F9 (EN 779) MERV 14 (ASHRAE 52.2)
  • Designed for torches requiring max 18 kPa at connection point - according to ISO 21904
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