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Defender 200 - Welding Frame Kit

Defender 200 - Welding Frame Kit


Offering all the same benefits as the Defender 100, but manufactured with a sturdier and heavier grade frame – 30mm OD and 4kgs heavier. The solid 1 piece curtain is attached thorough both a top and bottom rail.


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  • Industrial welding screen designed to protect from welding flash and ignition
  • PVC curtain is 0.4mm thick
  • Frame is crafted from 22.5mm-diameter powder-coated stainless steel tubes
  • Curtain dimensions: 1415MM (4 FT 8") W 1580MM (5 FT 2") H
  • Dimensions including frame: 1510MM (5 FT) W X 1900MM (6 FT 3") H
  • ISO25980 regulation for welding safety.
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